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FriendlyMusic Lets You Buy Legal, Licensed Tunes For Your YouTube Videos For $2

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You caught your cat, Fiona, doing something positively wacky on video. This thing could go viral! With FriendlyMusic, you can get professional, copyright-cleared music in any genre, suitable for complementing any wacky feline behavior, for just two bucks.

When you put a video up on YouTube, the last thing you want is to have it blocked by Warner Music Group because you scored it with some Rilo Kiley song from your iTunes library. FriendlyMusic, a new effort by big-time music licensing agency Rumblefish, looks to bring quality, copyright-cleared soundtracks to YouTube videos on the cheap. How cheap? One two dollar bill cheap.


Of course, searching their library, you're not going to find that T-Pain song you were looking for, or really any other artist you have on your iPod, but they do have an expansive collection of glossy, well-produced music which you can search by genre or mood.


Once you find something you like, $2 buys you a lifetime license to use that song in your video however you want. It might not be quite as recognizable as something borrowed from the Billboard charts, but you'll be able to sleep easy knowing that Fiona doesn't have to worry about the record company cutting her time in the YouTube spotlight short. [FriendlyMusic]