From Abandoned Nuclear Missile Silo to Kickass Home

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Apartment hunting sucks, so I can't blame Bruce Townsley for just plain giving up and moving into an abandoned nuclear missile silo. Actually, after seeing more pictures of the place, I kinda wanna follow his example.

It started as a 2,200 square foot fixer-upper with 6,000-pound blast doors and a "185-foot hole in the ground where a missile armed with a nuclear warhead used to be." It's still a bit of an ongoing project, with the big hole at least covered up, but Townsley seems to love it. I do too. Blast doors and all.


One would have to get used to life without sunlight peeking through shutters, and a gigantic shaft in the center of every round room, but there is a bit of novelty to living in a home like this. If you're interested like I am, then check out Wired for many, many more pictures of this kickass home as well as some pointers on shopping for your own abandoned missile silo. (Wired warns that not all are equal when it comes to being turned into homes.) [Wired]