From Chucks to Dunks: 100 Years of Sneaker Design Visualized

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Shoe companies have been mass-producing sneakers since the Converse All Star first appeared all the way back in 1917, and their designs have changed immensely since. But how did we get from no-frills kicks to Jeremy Scott's garish winged monstrosities? A print from PopChartLabs shows the evolution over almost a century of sneaker design.

You can probably pinpoint different parts of your life when certain shoes were the shoes to rock. In elementary school maybe they were Reebok Pumps. In middle school, perhaps they were Jordans, and in high school, checkerboard Vans, and so forth. And that's just your own tastes changing. This poster shows how shoes have morphed in a much larger context, displaying 134 different pairs of kicks from Air Jordan XIV Wu Tangs to Puma Disco Blaze and everything in between.

Sneakerheads can buy one of the prints for $26, or $136 if you want it to come framed. And even though the trends have gone from high-top to low-top and back again, some things have remained the same—after almost a hundred years, Chucks are still in. [PopChartLabs via FastCo Design]