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Move over Media Center, there's a new 8-foot interface in town. FrontRow, Apple's answer to MCE, isn't quite Super TiVo just yet, but it will be, eventually. This is essentially just a prettied up iTunes interface with video, audio, and photos on a charming black background. The Nintendo Revolution-like remote is another step in the media juggernauts plan. Obviously, this will a popular add-on when the Mac Mini comes out with HD-out—mark our words: the Mac Mini is the meteor media center we were all expected&mash;but until the rest of the world wants to buy a Mac instead of just iPods, don't expect much market penetration.


What does this mean for MCE? Well, the XBox 360 will make MCE a good idea for many people with PCs in the home. However, FrontRow and the video iPod will definitely make believers out of students again. Expect a nice pick-up in college sales next year as the kiddies say screw this Windows junk—gimme something cool.

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