Fuck You, AT&T

Fuck You, AT&T. That's the scream of the Internet. Dropped calls, no data connection even with full bars, spotty coverage, collapsed networks in big cities... it's a huge clusterfuck of customer rage. That's why people are crying for the Verizon iPhone.


Every time Apple releases an iPhone we get the same reaction: A horde foaming at the mouth asking for a Verizon version. Why? Unanimously: Because AT&T service sucks. And I agree. It sucks. Quoting Giz alumnus Mark Wilson: "Having an iPhone with AT&T is like having a Ferrari in a big city. You never know what it is really capable of." And it's true. My experience with AT&T has been generally bad. Very bad voice quality and crappy data access in any busy area in New York City. I'm ready to switch to Verizon, although I will hold it until the new iPhone 5 comes out.

It's yet to be seen how this clamor translates in people switching from AT&T to Verizon when the new iPhone 4 comes out in February, but I'm sure AT&T are not very comfortable about it, despite Ralph de la Vega's words to the WSJ: "We are ready for it. The short- and long-term viability of AT&T will be good whether we have exclusivity or not. We are much bigger than this."

Maybe you are, Ralph. Or maybe the impact would be a lot greater than you think, judging by your customers' complains. Or maybe you would get lucky and, once the updated iPhone 4 hits, Verizon's network would collapse into a steaming pile of donkey excrement. We will discover what happens soon.


Video by G. Jesse Martínez

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Adriano Real

Enjoy your CDMA. LOL. Let me know what happened when you tried opening up safari or ANYTHING that uses data traffic, while talking on the phone. I'd like to know about your frustration.