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Fujitsu's AMILO GraphicBooster External Graphics Card For Easy Laptop Upgrades

Illustration for article titled Fujitsus AMILO GraphicBooster External Graphics Card For Easy Laptop Upgrades

Fujitsu is set to launch an external graphics card solution dubbed the "AMILO GraphicBooster" sometime in the "next few weeks." Unfortunately, this information was leaked from a presentation, so there isn't a whole lot in the way of details—but we do know that the GraphicBooster is based on ATI XGP technology, it will allow users to connect up to three external displays to their notebook, DVI-D and HDMI connections are included, and it can reportedly deliver a 4.7X performance improvement over the graphics of a small form factor AMILO notebook.


Furthermore, the leaked graph above claims that an AMILO notebook with the GraphicBooster can get up to 8,000 points in 3DMark06. We have heard promises of external hard drives for laptops before, but so far nothing has been made available to the public. With any luck, there will be some truth in all of this (and the card with work with more than just the Fujitsu AMILO laptop). [Notebook Review]

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Damn, it's been a while since I've logged on to Futuremark Orb to see how my setup compares.

8,000 is good; my PC sucks.