Full Stevenote Video Online Now

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In case our liveblog didn't make you feel enough like you were there, you can get a step closer or (just re-live the glory) with the freshly posted video of the entire Stevenote. [Apple]

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Imagine Engine

Apple gives the iPhone HSPA to bring it up to the latest technology but then opts to leave out a video calling front-end camera. Then they compare it's browsing and email speeds to that of the Nokia N95 which is a device that does have video calling, not to mention a higher-end camera. HSPA is not just for the speed of data transmission but also the ability to stream voice and data at the same time. Everything else about the device I think is great but the lack of video calling makes me wonder if Apple really sees what the future of mobile computing and telecommunications industry is and what it can offer consumers. Rogers here in Canada has over 60% of the country coast to coast with HSPA coverage (over 25 cities and towns) and is expanding this to cover the rest of the country by the end of the year. In the UK and Asia HSPA is more used and the amount of video calling cellphones is more known. It's to bad Apple couldn't see this opportunity to compete on a level playing field by offering the iPhone version 2 with video calling.