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Fully Automated Robo-Restaurant Tested (Verdict: Delicious, Fun, No Bloody Tips)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A BBC News crew went to Germany to try 's Baggers, the robotized, fully automated restaurant in which there's not a single waiter in sight and plates float over your head on steel rails to reach your seat, Futurama-style. And apparently, they loved it.

As we already knew, everything in this restaurant in Nuremberg is completely automated, from the ordering process—using a touchscreen which also allows you to surf the web or email while waiting for our order—to the delivery of the food to your color-coded seat. Only the cooking is manual, which is done by some Elzar apprentices, 70% human-30% iron chefs, somewhere in the building.

The creator of the technology behind 's Baggers thinks there's a big market for these kinds of restaurant, which are convenient, fun, and save costs to the owners and the clients. The BBC seems to agree. Their verdict: fun, delicious, fast, and no tips. Makes a good case to eradicate that awful, ingrate job of waitressing all throughout the planet. Sad, I know. But don't despair, my friends: there's always blogging.


Go to the BBC page to get their full impressions. ['s Baggers via BBC News]