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Robot-Staffed Restaurant Launches in Germany

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Humans aren't perfect, therefore human waiting staff aren't perfect—as you'll know if you've ever had hot soup spilled on you, or the wrong meal brought out. To err is human, after all. However, diners in Nuremberg, Germany, won't have to put up with imperfection anymore because a new restaurant there is staffed entirely by robots. Check out a video of the future of dining after the jump.

You select your meal from touchscreens that are installed on every table, and it arrives via a spiral slide a few minutes later. Is it more convenient? Perhaps. But it's only a matter of time before we just arrive at a restaurant and have a drip installed, or pop a food pill. I'll stick with tradition here, I think, and fight the growing trend for ever faster food. However, if bipedal robots were to swagger around a restaurant, wearing little bow-ties and talking in ludicrously stereotyped French accents, that would be another matter. [Sci Fi Tech]