Funky Dalek impersonator dances and raps on British TV: "All I wanna do is exterminate!"

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Everything about Martyn Crofts' Dalek impersonation defies belief, even more than the first time we saw it. The fact that he wears a glitter-covered saucepan on his head, for example. And the fact that the rest of his Dalek "costume" consists of a nice gunmetal-colored suit with some Dalek knobs glued onto it. But then there's his rap song about how the Daleks just want you to "shake your stuff," complete with a little Dalek dance routine. Honestly, I'm not sure that Davros would approve.

Simon Cowell certainly doesn't, since he buzzed this poor man halfway through his song, on Britain's Got Talent. [via Blogtor Who]