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Futurama Monopoly lets you own Robot Hell

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If we can't have Game of Thrones Monopoly in real life, then this is the next best thing — a Futurama Monopoly set is available for preorders during the month of September, with the game shipping in November. Watch out for the Hypnotoad!


Here are some more images of this excellent-looking game:


And here's the official press release:

You win again, gravity! The Planet Express ship has just crash-landed into USAopoly HQ and the crew has demanded the making of Monopoly Futurama Collector's Edition effective immediately! In this edition of America's favorite board game, players will get the chance to own the most iconic worlds and locations in the Futurama Universe while following the rules — unlike our robot friend Bender! The game is licensed by Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and all artwork is customized and designed by USAopoly and Futurama to make this game feel as if it just jumped out of the TV screen and onto the game board.

The standard 20th century game Philip J. Fry grew up on has metamorphosized into something more, well, futuristic. Traditional Monopoly properties like Boardwalk and Park Place have been transformed to represent New New York. This collector's game features coveted real estate such as Elzar's Fine Cuisine, Robot Hell and Madison Cube Garden to name a few. The traditional Monopoly money has been modified to fit the important leaders of New New York in the 31st Century including Benjamin Franklin and Richard Nixon. Al Gore on the $500 bill? Oh Your God, he is! The Monopoly railroads of yesteryear have been replaced by state-of-the-art ships including the Travel Tube, Robo Santa Sleigh, Space Rail: Rath of Conrail and Werecar.

The object of the game remains the same – bankrupt your opponents and own it all! Landing Pads and Space Stations instead of traditional houses and hotels will raise rents significantly while Community Chest and Chance cards (now ‘Bureaucrat' and ‘Brought To You By' cards, respectively) will help your cause or thwart your opponents. Prepare yourself for the Planet Express ship landing because when it arrives, the past, present and future will be altered and changed forever!

As an added bonus for fans, USAopoly asked Futurama die-hards to vote for the creation of their own "Golden Token". After 14,000 votes, Bender came out on top and will be available in a limited golden styling during pre-sale only starting September 1st. Other tokens in the pre-sale game will include:
· Hypnotoad
· Planet Express Ship
· Brain Slug
· Seymour
· Leela's Boot (During Pre-sale ONLY)
· What if Machine
· Gold Bender (During Pre-sale ONLY)


Pre-order the game at the link. [USAopoly]