Future Sonic Atrio Series Claimed to Kick Major Earphone Arse

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Future Sonic joins Ultimate Ears and Shure in its claim that rock stars use their fancy-schmancy earphones as monitors on stage. Now the company's offering the "TrueTimbre" tech used in its custom-fit pro line of Ear Monitors in its Atrio Series, universal-fit earphones for regular human beings like you and me. What's so great about them?


Future Sonic claims that other earphones use multiple drivers to span the entire audible range, but that scheme introduces crossover dead spots. Not so for these Atrio Series phones, which the company claims has no electronic or comb filtering artifacts or phase issues, as well as a lack of crossover dropouts.

Of course, this is all mumbo-jumbo until you actually get these earpieces in your ears, which is usually impossible to do since you can't return them after you've done so. But not so with Future Sonic, which invites you to try them and return them within 30 days if you don't like them.


I beg to differ, though, with that claim that other earphones are flawed because of their multi-driver design. I've reviewed both the Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 Pro earphones as well as a pair of Shure E5Cs, both top-of-the-line devices, and if they have any sound artifacts or flaws, I certainly couldn't hear them.

That said, Future Sonic also claims that these phones sound good even when listening at a low volume, an audio feat that's not easy to execute. These $199 cans, in your choice of cobalt blue or black, might just be worth a serious listening session or two.

Product Page [Future Sonic]


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While I would agree that the Shure e2c's (which I also have) would probably not have $499 sound, you at least did not spend $499 to purchase the pair :-p


I most certainly agree about the Bose Triport IE's compared to the upgraded iPod buds. I have both the Tri's and several 'pod buds (don't ask why) and even after the burn-in, the Bose still cannot match the white buds for overall clarity and PROPER bass response (Bose has too much, thus kills the SQ)

I notice more and more people are using higher priced audio equipment even during commute. I saw plenty of Ety's e2/3c's and even a few pricier cans roaming about on the subway. But the way I see it, it's people who highly recommend them to others that get people to purchase pricier phones. And when they finally get a taste of it, it's hard to go lower, because most of the cheap stuff often lacks important qualities and the music suffers.