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If there is one thing in the electronics industry that constitutes a completely overpriced lack of creativity, it's protective cases. Gadget Sleeves (both the name of the company and the product) are refreshing response to a formerly tired product line.

Sleeves are available for MP3 players, cameras, laptops and PDAs at prices that vary by size (laptops are the most expensive at $35). But the cost is reasonable considering that all work is made to order and one-of-a-kindish. I for one am growing sick of the same old monochrome cases, and yearn for a little handmade customization to my stock iPod. Plus, it's a thoughtful, inexpensive add-on to any tech toy you may give this season. No jaded cynicism necessary.


By the way - the whole page is geared toward women, addressing the penisless like a tampon commercial. We hope they realize that men can be interested in these products, too. (Though we might opt for some less pink fabrics).

Product Page [via shinyshiny]