Game of Thrones can't possibly live up to THIS fantasy epic

The Ator the Invincible movies hit rock-bottom with Ator IV: Quest for the Mighty Sword. Watch Ator fight conjoined robot twins and a pantomime dragon! (Those robots bash their heads against the wall repeatedly, perhaps because they've seen the rushes.)


You have to love a fantasy movie with robot swordfighting. Although Ator isn't looking quite as studly as he was in the original film, when he was the spitting image of Beastwizard from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The whole movie is an absolute delight, from the ultra-snarky "acting" by Eric Allan Kramer to the amazing special effects — it's hard to pick just one scene to represent this film, because the whole thing is an amazing spectacle from beginning to end. It's sometimes referred to as Ator III: The Hobgoblin, or just Quest for the Mighty Sword, without the "Ator" part.

Here's another one of our favorite scenes, in which the hobgoblin gives a king who likes to turn people into statues some advice on picking up women:



i've always been a fan of the Deathstalker series. let's see something about that!'s glorious...