Game of Thrones is Getting its Own "Lego For Grown-Ups"

Winter is, err, under construction? McFarlane Toys have announced that they are branching out their line of bizarre, yet totally awesome construction toys based on The Walking Dead to another humongous TV franchise: Game of Thrones. Once again, the idea is baffling, and yet also absolutely fantastic.


Due to be unveiled properly at Comic-Con next week, the line will work just the same as the Walking Dead sets do—realistic, high detail tiles that are built over a Lego-esque construction frame. Presumably, the same frame (and scale, as the figures are still 2” in height) means you can mix and match the the two franchises together, if you really wanted to see what happens when Westeros and post-apocalyptic Georgia combine.

The first wave of sets features a line of blind-bagged individual articulated minifigures for $3 each (12 characters including named protagonists like Daenerys or Tyrion, as well as “army-builder” types like Wildlings or White Walkers), “Banner” starter sets for Stark and Lannister armies (which feature a House banner, two soldiers and, I kid you not, something referred to as “customisable weeds and dirt”!), and larger playsets that will range in cost from $15 to $50 in price. Example sets teased include a “Mother of Dragons” playset as well as an “Attack on the Wall” set, but the one actually shown so far, and the first that will be released, is an absolutely remarkable recreation of the Throne room in the Red Keep:

The humongous set doesn’t come with all of those Lannisters—just Joffrey and a lone Kingsguard, apparently—but it makes up for it by looking completely awesome. Sure, they’re referred to as construction sets but clearly the goal of these is creating remarkable, small-scale dioramas to absolute perfection.


There’s no exact details on when the toys will hit shelves—but presumably as McFarlane are planning a blowout at SDCC next week, we’ll know soon enough.

[Via EW]

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