Game Shell Hides Your Shameful Gaming Habit, Sort Of

If you hide your gaming habits like a leprous half-brother in order to protect your image as "the cool one" on your high school's math team, you know how embarrassing it can be to have controllers strewn about your bachelor pad. You can't let the ladies know that you spent $600 on a Playstation 3 rather than on hair gel and fancy pants!

That's why you should invest in these Game Shells. They're classy chrome cases for your controllers, and while they won't fool anyone but the dumbest of guests, at least you'll show people that you're making an effort to class up the joint. Or you could just put your controllers away in a drawer or something when you aren't using them, but that solution isn't shiny and doesn't cost $138, so screw it.


Product Page [via Nerd Approved]

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