Garmin Mobile 20: Smartphone Car Mount with Built-In GPS

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Garmin is showing off the Garmin Mobile 20 platform, essentially a car mount with built-in GPS receiver that works with software available for most Nokia and Windows Mobile phones, as well as the Treo 650, to turn them into full-blown GPS navigation systems. The Garmin Mobile 20 also has built-in Bluetooth speaker and microphones, which support hands-free dialing (although we aren't quite sure why one couldn't just use the speakerphone functions of their phone, should they exist).

The Mobile 20 also supports 'Garmin Online,' a free (and subscription!) wireless service that includes real-time traffic information, as well as handy stuff like gas prices, safety camera locations, and weather. We'd much rather use the online-capability of our smartphones to grab that data than pay for extra TMC hardware like we do for other Garmin GPS models.

Expect the Mobile 20 in June, in both European and United States(ean) versions. (No price set yet.)

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