Garmin's 2013 Navigation Systems Give Directions Based on Landmarks

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If you could get lost anywhere, even with a sherpa and very detailed map, Garmin is listening. Its new line of Nüvi personal navigation systems use landmarks rather than traditional street names.


So rather than saying turn left at Jones street, the system tells you to turn left at the Starbucks, or another easily recognizable spot, building, or stoplight. The company researched routes heavily, so you'll supposedly only be alerted to places that have been there for a long time and aren't likely to go out of business soon. This is pretty awesome if you're driving in a city you've never visited and don't know anything about the geography.

The 2013 Nüvis also have something called active lane guidance, which tells you (as you'd probably guess) which lane you need to be in say, if there's a turn ahead. You'll also get real time traffic information, so you can get re-routed if there's a big wreck along your route.


And finally, they're all getting bigger screens, ranging from 4.30-inches to 7-inches, with prices starting at $120 and going all the way up to $380 for the most advanced model. If you're directionally challenged, you're life might get a little easier when these intuitive units hit stores in March.

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"Turn left at the starbucks, continue going straight for 3 Starbucks's and take a right turn at the corner Starbucks. Park next to the following Starbucks, You have arrived at your destination."