Gas Leak Causes Fatality at Korean Samsung Plant

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A gas leak at a Samsung semiconductor plant in Hwaseong, Korea, last night killed a worker—and local news sources are suggesting that a cover-up by Sammy could be behind the incident.


Yonhap News is reporting that a 132-gallon tank of hydrofluoric acid began leaking last night at the plant. An initial leak apparently occurred at 11pm, and then a subsequent leak at 5am, in total issuing 2.6 gallons of acid, mainly in gaseous form. While the precise order of events remains unclear, it is suggested that Samsung then called a maintenance team to fix the problem, but did not report the incident to "appropriate authorities" until just after 3pm—an hour after a worker from the maintenance team died from exposure to the acid.

Four other workers were hospitalized, but are apparently now in full health. Samsung is being investigated to assess what happened, and if the maintenance team were issued with appropriate safety equipment. [Yohap News Agency via Verge]


Image by opopododo under Creative Commons license

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Nothing new for Korea. I ex-roommate used to go there for business, and he **HATED** Samsung with a passion. He said that the plants were death traps, so you had to watch where you were going at all times. There was a chlorine gas leak in the plant one day, and while he was running out at full speed like Usain Bolt, everyone else was casually walking as if nothing was going on.

Just your typical working conditions...