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Gateway Sequels Its 30-inch Monster Monitor

Illustration for article titled Gateway Sequels Its 30-inch Monster Monitor

After Gateway released their 30-inch, 1600p XHD3000 display, they're hoping to springboard the positive press into their entire line of LCDs, including their new 24-inch ($499) and 22-inch ($350) models. Both have impressive monitor specs, double as HD TVs (1080p and 720p, respectively) and feature image enhancement through a Faroudja video processing chipset. Obviously neither display is rocking 1600p upscaling, but we're guessing these models show some pretty pictures nonetheless. Besides, their slew of inputs including HDMI mean we might actually utilize their extended video functionality. Hit the jump for the full stat smattering.


24-inch Model Offers Vibrant Visuals and Leading-Edge Features

The Gateway® 24-inch High Definition Widescreen Display delivers 1080p HD support and 1920x1200 resolution, making this display ideal for viewing PC content, high-definition video and multimedia applications. To further enhance the viewing experience, the display features a new Ultrabright Glare panel with a 92 percent color gamut, making colors richer and more defined. Additionally, the 1000:1 contrast ratio, 400 cd/m2 brightness and ultra fast 3ms refresh rate deliver stunning visual performance.

The new Gateway 24-inch Display gives users several viewing options including an auto-rotation capability that allows the display to be viewed in both landscape and portrait modes, providing a 160 degree viewing angle. This enables users to view multiple applications or documents side-by-side, increasing productivity and efficiency. The included Gateway EzTune™ software automatically adjusts the screen image when the monitor is moved between orientations. This software also provides advanced color calibration, making it ideal for photographers, artists and graphic designers. The standard height-adjustable stand can be raised, lowered, swiveled, tilted and rotated for customer comfort.

22-inch Model Delivers Full Feature Set at Mainstream Price

The Gateway® 22-inch High Definition Widescreen Display offers users high-performance features and a vivid viewing experience at the price of $349.99, making it ideal for home or work. This new 22-inch Display offers 720p HD support and 1680x1050 resolution, coupled with a 1000:1 contrast ration, 300 cd/m2 brightness and an ultra fast 4ms refresh rate, providing excellent image quality.

It also comes with a standard tilt stand for premium viewing angles and has a built-in orientation sensor that offers image auto-rotation when coupled with the optional height-adjustable stand.



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New Model Number: FHD2400 for the 24incher

Apparently they are a new breed of TN panel, viewing angle didnt get better, still 160° but color reproduction and contrast seems to be much better than past generation TN panels.

for instance Dell 2407wfp-hc is another type of panel with more viewing angle but slower rseponse time.

This new gateway appears to have the same color reproduction as the hi-end dell panel, as well as lot of position setups and good range of input types + usb hub + good video processing/ deinterlacing. So its a nice value in the end.

You can get the same panel type and specs on a New 2008 dell monitor: E248WFP but with No extra features or inputs.


450+ dell E248WFP same panel as gateway but no extra inputs no extra features limited panel movement and position

550+ gateway FHD2400 new TN panel lots of features and position

650+ dell 2407WFP-HC high color as the other panels, but better viewing angles, slower response time than TN panel. lots of features as the gateway.

There is always a tradeoff my young gizmodians.