gdgt, the Data Driven Gadget Site, is Live

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gdgt is a new gadget site that's database driven. You pronounce it either g-d-g-t or "gadget". I like it, mainly because I can track pieces of information about gadgets I own, but also tech I would like to have.


See, here's my list of gadgets.

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Since the database is user generated, I can't wait to get in there and add some classic tech and offbeat stuff. Using it is peculiarly thrilling. The problem with general news sites is that you don't always get news that relates to the gadgets you own; the problems with forums is that the information is relevant to what you're interested in, but highly unstructured. This fixes both. A year or two ago, we decided to cover less new product, and cover more software and updates you can use to improve the gadgets you already have. gdgt is built upon this philosophy.

The site's just launching today, but Ryan Block and Peter Rojas (Engadget and Gizmodo alum) are only getting started and I've been told the road map is epic and long. (Disclaimer: I advise gdgt here and there, too.)

How do you get started? You sign up. Quickly, so you get the user name you want, I would suggest. I'd explain how it works in depth but Veronica Belmont, has a video here with all the details.

Oh and here's my account. Add me as a friend!

UPDATE: Looks like they're down because of traffic, time to ease up a bit and check back later.



The search for gadget feature needs to be revamped. How about just searching for any product instead of filtering.