GE-Branded Digital Cameras On the Way to Already-Overcrowded Me-Too Market

As if we didn't already have enough digital camera brands, now GE has decided to enter into the fray, licensing its name to the General Imaging Company for a line of digital cameras to be rolled out in three weeks at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA, March 8-11) convention in Las Vegas. That's right, GE, the company that makes locomotives, nuclear power plants, refrigerators, jet engines and TV shows, now wants into the digicam dodge, too. Oh happy day.

The GE-branded shooters will arrive in entry level and higher-end trim, starting at 7 megapixels with a 2.5-inch viewscreen and 3x optical zoom for the basic camera (pictured above), and moving up to 12 megapixels and 3-inch viewscreen for the fancier model. There will also be a photo printer along for the ride. No one's talking about prices yet, but we'll get our hands on the cameras in Vegas.


General Imaging Teaser Site [GE, via DP Review]

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