Illustration for article titled Genius Suction Cup Shower Bag Makes Dorm Bathrooms Infinitely Less Gross

The Vessell shower bag from Quirky is ostensibly for travelers and folks who need to be able to lug their toiletries around with them, but might actually be an incredible way to deal with the disgusting showers in dorms and college houses.

The bag itself is a really simple concept: it's just a three-compartment shower bag with a suction cup on the back to attach to the wall, because oh sweet merciful god don't put anything on the floor. It zips up when you're done, and it's ventilated at the bottom so you won't collect a toothbrush full of mildew.


Vessel is still in development over at Quirky, but check out the Upcoming page to tell them that yes this is amazing and should absolutely become a real product soon. [Quirky]

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