GeoSkeeper Emergency Phone Doesn't Need Fancy Touch Screens

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Gadgets don't get any more simplerer and usefuler than the GeoSkeeper, a wrist cellphone that only has GSM/GPRS, a speakerphone, GPS, and six buttons, so the "elderly, chronically ill, children or lone workers" can instantly communicate in case of emergency.


That's all it does. The user calls pre-programmed numbers using the buttons, turns on the emergency alarm if necessary, and gets tracked using the GPS, even alerting when the user gets out of a certain area to whoever has the control. Available in[Aerotel via Engadget]

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I bet my daughter will think I am the greatest father in the world when I say, "Sure, honey, you can have a cell phone - here you go." How many four letter words do you suppose her subsequent sentences back at me will incorporate? Great utilitarian device and as a father I like the concept a lot, but somehow I think it may go over better with the other audience categories.