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Winter Sucks for This Fox Frozen in a Solid Block of Ice

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hurrying home after a pleasant evening of foraging and scrapbooking, this unlucky fox drowned in the Danube river in southern Germany. And that was only the beginning.

Franz Stehle, the hunter that discovered this poor bastard, told local news he found the fox frozen solid, then extracted it from the ice (as one does) and put him on display outside his family’s hotel to warn about the remarkable brutality of this year’s winter season.


More than 60 people across Europe have died in winter-related tragedies, and Romanian authorities have ceased shipping operations along the Danube, where the fox was found. Refugees, the elderly and the homeless (and obviously, these categories overlap for many people) were hit hardest, especially in rural areas.

UK authorities have used the term thundersnow to refer to the mix of heavy snow and gale force (70mph) winds blanketing the area. Even sunny vacations spots like Athens were hit with snow. So winter’s no bullshit this year, and this fox is a chilling reminder to stay safe.