I'm glad the Germans got rid of the funny moustaches, the kinky uniforms, and they are on our side now, because these mini-tanks and mini-trucks—which could be deployed inside standard transport helicopters—give a new meaning to the word blitzkrieg. They can be rolled out in any location in a matter of seconds, as this recent video shows. Apparently the trucks have not been very successful in actual use in Afghanistan, but the Wiesel 2 multi-role vehicles—developed by Porsche—have been very useful.


I'm not surprised about the trucks, which seem to be stolen from a clown troupe. The soldiers say they are too small and uncomfortable for real operations.

The Wiesel, on the other side, seems to be a mini-wonder. First, the treaded vehicle—lighter than a US Humvee and only 3.55 x 1.82 x 1.82 meters—can be easily deployed in standard troop transport helicopters, along with the soldiers. Then, it can be retrofitted to do whatever you want it to do, from air defense unit, mobile radar, air missile launcher, armored transport, anti-tank vehicle with HOT missiles, ammunition resupply, and even ambulance, among other roles.

Basically, these things can do anything. Hopefully, they don't include a CD player to play Wagner.


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