German Pong Dress is Great for Parties


Show me a young lady who has never wanted to wear a dress with a built-in Pong game and I'll show you someone who doesn't enjoy fluffy clouds and rainbows. This little German art project was designed by Max Moswitzer and Margarete Jahrmann and is fairly simple: a series of LEDs line a young lady's dress that are controlled by what look to be old NES controllers. The LEDs light up in response to the user's inputs and a game of Pong breaks out. It's part of a Pong expo, pong.mythos, going on right now in Leipzig. Thankfully, there's a video of the dress in action, complete with one of those German raves going on in the background.

pong.mythos Home Page [pong.mythos via Crunch Gear]


The controllers are clearly in the wrong place. The knobs should be incorporated into the playing surface.