3D printing company 3DPlusMe has partnered with Hasbro and Marvel to offer action figures of popular Marvel heroes with your own face printed on them at Walmart. It's a great idea for young superhero fans - unless you happen to be female and want a female character to have your head printed on.

The event, which takes place across selected Walmart and Sam's Clubs in the US between September 19th and September 28th lets you pay $45 to get a face scan and 3D print of your head to go onto an articulated body of a Marvel hero. Here's a video of the process from 3DPlusMe's booth at San Diego Comic Con back in July:

It's pretty cool, except for the fact that Hasbro and Marvel are only going to be offering Captain America or Iron Man as figure choices - regardless of whether you're male or female. Whilst sure, a little girl (or woman, action figure love happens at all ages!) could get their 3D printed head put on either and make them Lady Cap or Lady Iron Man, it's baffling that a female Hero option hasn't been included - especially as 3DPlusMe's website even has a picture of Black Widow as one of their options:


Suffice to say, the disconcerting disappearance of Female superheroes on merchandise continues unabated.

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