Sirius finally let the cat out of the bag that they are going to be launching their satellite video service, Backseat TV.

As you can see from the screenshot up top the quality is pretty good, it's no HD but hey its only going to be on a 10-inch screen (The recommended maximum screen size). Also since the service is aimed towards just the back seat riders, you will still be able to pull in radio for the front. However, that's about where the fun ends with Backseat TV. Currently the only channel they have is Cartoon Network, and they only plan on getting 2 more before their launch in the Spring. Not exactly a killer lineup, but hey live TV is live TV.


The connection kit comes with the control unit, A/V tuner, IR receiver, two antennae, an audio remote, and an oversized apple-like video remote for the back seat. It will cost $20/month for the service, and the kit will set you back $299. Hopefully Sirius will pull its head out of its ass and get some more channels.

See the A/V tuner & the control unit after the jump.

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