Ever longed for the sartorial elegance of Clara Oswald? Ogled over the many (many) suits of Oliver Queen? Here's a new website that collates the looks of your favourite TV and movie characters, and shows you where to buy them. Is it sort of cosplay if you start wearing your favourite character's snazziest threads?

Culture and fashion blog Spylight recently launched the beta version of their screen shopping website and although the selection is a bit limited at the moment, there's still plenty to choose from, even among pop culture shows - with everything from Supernatural to Gotham to Sherlock currently available:


Look at that, that's some refined style right there. Plus, it also serves as a gallery of hilarious Martin Freeman faces, so what's not to love?

Spylight offers both themed 'staple wardrobes' for characters as well as recreations of specific looks from their shows, sometimes with exact matches to what the characters are wearing, or close-enough alternatives - and of course, links of where to buy them and whatnot. Casual Season 1 Oliver Queen? Bam, there it is. There'll be an app based version coming out next month, but for now, you can head on over to the site to browse for your favourite character's togs.

[via Comic Book]

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