Get Shrunk to Toy Size and Ride A Slinky At New Toy Story Land Theme Park

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Disney is known for two things: animated movies and theme parks, both of which are coming together in a major way in the near future. While the Star Wars park news was the big headline at the D23 Expo Saturday, the second one is Disney opening a full, Toy Story Land section at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Toy Story Land will shrink Disney attendees down to the size of a toy as the entire land will be made to look like Andy’ backyard, but scaled as if you were Woody or Buzz. There will be blocks, game board pieces, garden tools, all just laying around like in a normal backyard. The difference is this backyard will have two brand new Toy Story-themed rides.


First is a “family-friendly roller coaster” where everyone rides in Slinky Dog, up, down and around a coaster that’ll be designed to look like something Andy created with blocks, Erectors sets, etc.

Then there will be an “alien saucers attraction” where the little green aliens from the film will spin guests around in space ships, to avoid the dreaded claw machine above.


Finally, Disney’s already popular Toy Story ride, Toy Story Midway Mania (which, if you haven’t ridden it, is like a giant first person shooter game where you ride through and shoot a bunch of toy target for points) will get an expansion, allowing even more people to ride it.

No opening date was given for the project but upgrades of this magnitude, and with Star Wars land happening right next door, the end of the decade would be a logical guess.