This one goes out to anyone who's ever fumbled and bluffed their way through a conversation about graphic design without the foggiest notion about differences between Bauhaus and British Arts and Crafts. The unrelenting creative team at Pop Chart Lab put together this handy—and quite handsome—crib sheet; an at-a-glance breakdown of styles through the ages.


Each 18-inch by 24-inch poster is organized by movement, with a bitty taste of the specific genres in every individual square. It's actually a pretty good teaser for anyone who's interested in learning more; if you figure every category has complex historical context with notable characters and real world examples, that's a whole lot of learning out there to pursue.

Plus, getting to know the huge variety within the world of visual communication makes observing pretty much everything around you way, way more fun; guaranteed you'll start to notice stuff you recognize. It's a little thrill. Order one for $23 here. [Pop Chart Lab]

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