Get Your Ass Some Wi-Fi

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Step aside Hobo Wi-Fi, there's a new, better way for people to get their internet on the go. Introducing Wi-Fi enabled donkeys from Israel - ancient transport now updated for the 21st century.


Kfar Kedem is a historical theme park with the purpose of reenacting life as it was 2000 years ago, including the ever popular donkey ride, now with a twist. Currently five of the donkeys are walking Wi-Fi hotspots with future plans to expand to the other 25 donkeys the park owns. If you ever take a visit it, watch yourself in case you're run over by a wayward child on the back of the donkey who's too busy Instagramming to look where he's going.


This may even cause a resurgence in donkey-based travel, which has declined just a tad in the past few centuries or so. It might be slow, but at least it's environmentally friendly and now with added internet. Plus a gimmick like this could give a little boost to Blackpool's tourist sector; Lord knows it needs it. [Times of Israel via Engadget]

Image Credit: Donkey and Wi-Fi from Shutterstock

Illustration for article titled Get Your Ass Some Wi-Fi

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Award for the most oddest article on Gizmodo goes too Tom Pritchard. Also I think I would be more welcome to a Monkey having Wifi, Monkeys always make people happy.