Illustration for article titled Ghetto Disappearing License Plate Hack Rigged to Avoid Tolls

It's not what I would call a Bond-caliber flipping license plate, but the system that a Queens truck driver hooked up in his rig is chock-full of ghetto ingenuity. Apparently, Orlando Payano mounted his license plate on a hinged piece of metal then ran an attached cable through his cigarette lighter. When he went through a toll booth, all he had to do is pull the cord and abracadabra! No license plate caught on camera. Unfortunately for him, a Port Authority officer was on the lookout for altered license plates at that very moment and saw Payano pull off his magic trick. Like most shirtless criminals pinned to the hood of vehicles, Payano denied everything despite overwhelming evidence. He claims that he did not have a cable system in the rig and his EZ-Pass tag should have taken care of the toll. The pictures above seem to refute this claim, but he may retain a lawyer to try and fight the charges nonetheless. Yeah, good luck with that, dude. [Daily News via Core77]


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