Ghostbusters Is Returning to Theaters. I'm OK with This

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It appears that Columbia has confirmed that Ghostbusters will be returning to theaters next month. For three Thursdays starting October 13th, the original masterpiece will be shown in 500 theaters across the country. As inexplicable as it sounds, this is a good thing.


First of all, thank GOD they're not pulling a Disney and doing it in 3D. You might even contend that the film could see new life in the 3rd dimension. But you'd be wrong. So very wrong.


No, the best thing about this movie coming back to theaters—other than being just a big cosplayer nerdgasm waiting to happen—is that it could bring Bill Murray back into the production of Ghostbusters 3. Murray is reportedly the last hold-out for the film being made... which is insane. How can you have Ghostbusters without Venkman? This limited release might be the push he needs to put the gear back on. [TG Daily]

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I've tried checking my local movie theater websites and all of them are miserable to navigate...none of them mention ghostbusters though. Anyone found a central listing of theaters carrying this?