Ghosts Should Still Fear a Single Pixel Pac-Man

At 35 years old, Pac-Man has managed to remain a popular video game for decades. If only his dated graphics weren’t really showing their age. Instead of giving the yellow hero a facelift, though, Hackaday’s Mike Szczys has instead made the game’s graphics even simpler with his 1-Pixel Pac-Man de-make that you can build yourself.

The parts list, building instructions, and code you’ll need to make a 1-Pixel Pac-Man of your own can be found here, and needless to say you’ll need a bit of electronics know-how to put all the pieces together. And given there are countless Pac-Man apps available, and remakes of the game for every console you can imagine, this is definitely one of those ‘just because I can’ projects to impress your nerdy friends. [Hackaday via The Awesomer]

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