Illustration for article titled Giant Patio Heaters With Tiny Media Players Are Finally a Reality

Don't get me wrong, the Poseidon is probably the coolest looking patio heater I have ever seen, but the media player? The unit is 6.5 feet tall, and It looks like someone duct taped an iPhone to it.


The product page doesn't mention the actual size of the screen, but you would surely burn to death trying to watch anything on this. Outside of that bizarre addition, the Poseidon from Chillchaser has a lot going for it. Features include: carbon fiber heating tubes that reduce power consumption and cut emissions by up to 50%, it uses a standard 220 - 240V electric supply instead of gas, 13-foot heating area at 110 degree angle, replaceable elements will last up to 8000 hours, safety auto-shut off, and durable all-weather construction.

Poseidon will set you back around $1419, but you could always forgo the useless media player and spend half that or less on Chillchasers other models. [Chillchaser via Appliancist]

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