Giant Spider Terrorizes Space Shuttle and Anchorwoman

Just a little fun around the News 12 set, eh guys? A little spidey crawled across the lens while we were filming the Space Shuttle! Heh. Cute little spider dude. Aw, it looks like—AH JESUS HERE IT COMES


What is it about our species that causes us to never tire of people screaming? We love it when others are startled. And yet, do we not recoil at giant fake spiders when they're thrown at us? Who wants an enormous arachnid both endangering our country's space program, and our very lives? Not this lady. So laugh all you want. Laugh at the professionalism of commenting about the spider on the lens situation for so long. Laugh at the fact that their computer is broken. Laugh about his tie. But if you laugh about that big ol' bug flying through the air—well, it just might be coming for you next. After it's done with NASA. [Reddit]


Organized Chaos

My guess is one of these. We have 'em all over, they're only about 1/4" long.