Father's Day is Sunday and you have yet to purchase a little something for dear old Dad. It's Gizmodo and Chase Blueprint's Dads & Grads Gift Guide to the rescue! Let's look at a couple of selections for the Dad who is dying to be considered a hipster.


For the Dad Who Doesn't Share His Toys
Remember when you were a kid and your dad showed you his cigar collection he kept on a high shelf and explained that you were never to touch it, or even look at it, and, actually, it was probably best if you forgot altogether that he owned it? Well that's what it will be like if you get him an iPad. No, you can't play with it. It's his. $499

Conan O'Brien Comedy Tour Tickets

For the Dad Who Secretly Got High in the Garage
As a kid you wondered why the garage smelled weird. Dad said it was from diesel fumes. But now you're old enough to know better. You're also old enough to get the jokes he stole from late-night TV and why he thought they were so funny. So take Dad to see Conan O'Brien's national Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television tour because it's high time you got giggly as a family. Tickets start at $55


The Gizmodo/Chase Blueprint Dads & Grads Gift Guide has great ideas for any dad, any grad, and any budget! Click here to get shopping.