Gigantic 3000-foot Pyramid Proposed for Tokyo Bay

Here's an eight-minute video that shows you a grandiose idea somebody dreamed up: building a 3000-foot-tall pyramid in Tokyo Bay. This megacity would be so tall, and would have such tremendous volume that 24 80-story skyscrapers could be suspended within, and people would travel inside it via the tubes that are also supporting the enormous structure. It's extreme engineering, indeed.


You gotta feel sorry for those people living in Tokyo, all crammed together like sardines in a can, so maybe this wild idea could give them some elbow room. To rent the amount of space made by this huge structure, it would cost $10 billion a year within the city of Tokyo. If built, it will be the largest structure in the world. Go for it!

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My knowledge of engineering is weak at best, but doesn't the fact that it's completely hollow and open help PROTECT is more? Just like a hollow tube is a stronger support than a solid one, isn't the open structure of this more likely to let the massive force of a tsunami dissipate instead of slamming into and destroying a solid wall?