GigaPan, if you recall, is that incredible technology that stitches together hundreds of photos into a single, ultra-high-resolution image which you can zoom in and out of to view minuscule details. Now, GigaPan has updated their project so you're zooming in and out of moving pictures—timelapses. So you're not only flying through space, but also through time! It's called the GigaPan Time Machine.


Visiting the GigaPan Time Machine website will give you an idea of what this expanded version can be used for. Here you can watch neat timelapses like early universe phenomena, plants sprouting upwards and reaching for the light, or even tiny details of human brain veins. You're also invited to create time machines of your own.

Time Machine uses HTML5, so you won't need to install any complicated plugins. You're welcome to check it out whether you're a scientist, photographer, or a nosy old Internet enthusiast. [Popsci]