Watching a Grueling 11-Hour Flight Whiz by in Four Minutes Is the Best Way to Travel

Planes are not designed for tall passengers. Even an hour-long flight can be uncomfortable when you’re twisted and contorted to fit in a seat. So watching an 11-hour flight from London to San Francisco take just four minutes in this spectacular cockpit timelapse makes me wish supersonic air travel was an everyday thing.


This timelapse was captured by British Airways pilot Dave Wallsworth on an Airbus A380 and includes a westerly sunrise as the plane races towards San Francisco. If you crunch the numbers, actually making the 5,353-mile trip from London’s Heathrow airport to San Francisco International in four minutes would require an airspeed just above 80,300 miles per hour. Buckle up.

[YouTube via B3ta]


Planes aren’t designed for short passengers either. Wanna talk about legs dangling with pressure on the backs reducing blood supply? Or seats that are too deep to be confortable?

We live in a world that frequently does accommodate tall people. To such a degree that in the instances where it doesn’t, they complain. Short people get screwed all the time.