It Took Almost 10 Days to 3D-Print This Giant Millennium Falcon Model

3D printers haven’t quite ushered in a new industrial revolution, but every day it seems there’s another irrational reason why you might consider buying one. As this soothing timelapse reveals, if you’ve got the patience to wait almost ten days, you could 3D print yourself an impressive replica of the Millennium Falcon in a single pass.


Typically, when we see 3D-printed replicas as large as this 2.3-foot long Millennium Falcon, they’re assembled from hundreds of smaller 3D-printed parts. But YouTube’s stonefx83 didn’t want to go to all that trouble, so he simply scaled up Andrew Askedall’s 3D model of the Falcon, and then let his printer run for over nine days and 21 hours straight.

The machine consumed over six-and-a-half pounds of plastic filament in the process, and thankfully didn’t screw up once, which would have required the entire print to be restarted from scratch. Oh, that’s why no one 3D-prints giant models like this in one pass.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]



1. Bad video. I wanted close up pictures of the final product from various angles.

2. So it’s just one solid piece? No removable panels? All that trouble and the guy didn’t model any interior stuff? Missed opportunity.

3. The print direction constrains the type of details you can get. Seems like this type of model would be better served by printing out smaller pieces at different angles and then assembling. Also reduces the chances of botching the whole thing.

4. I don’t know why I have such unreasonably high expectations of a Sploid linked video. I should probably get some counseling.