Give The Gift Of A Gift That Looks Like Raw Meat

There is something so fabulous about this idea. Even though it's overpriced and probably aesthetically overwrought or something, the idea of wrapping gifts to look like raw meat is just beautiful. It brings the whole joke gift genre to a new level. Or makes people extra excited when their gift turns out to be awesome or even passable. If you're someone who never wraps gifts this could be the turning point.

Gift Couture is the "creative and innovative wrapping paper company" (what?) we have to thank for this marvelous invention. The meat Kickstarter is on the move, and they've already produced the now-sold-out cheeseburger wrapping paper below. The standard set is $15 for two sheets of steak paper and one piece of cutting board paper, and the grade A set also comes with butcher paper, a meat tray, gift tags and twine for $5 more. But really it's all about the raw meat. It goes with anything, can be interpreted as genuine or ironic, and really shows the recipient of your gift that you care. [Design Taxi]


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