Giz Service Announcement: Fireworks and Watermelon Don't Mix

Hey, we here at Gizmodo, together with Nancy Nord of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, want to remind you to have a safe 4th of July. Don't use illegal fireworks for anything dangerous. Like blowing up an M-1000 inside of a watermelon. In slow motion. Happy 4th weekend everybody. [CPSC]


Shamoononon drives like a farmer

@dinobuddy: I am somewhat horrified by them too. At a show I once witnessed an adult get seriously hurt by one and then to watch the kids in my neighborhood fire them up... I go out of the way to make sure my cig lighters(fighting to quit smoking) are hidden and out of the way of the destructive force I call 'my daughter'.

I'm not a total wimp, I mean my uncle who has children my daughters age taught his children at 7 to properly handle a rifle (not my daughter, she'd shoot me over my outfit choice), but yeah... saw too many people hurt from them, and too many sparklers burnt out on nearby vehicles.