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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Gizmodo FAQ

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

How does this site work? What's a blog?

We comb through hundreds of junk emails, press releases, web sites, and each others' matted hair to pluck out the juiciest, most wriggling fresh gadget news to show to you. Then a week later when we find that news again, we finally post about it.

Kidding! A blog is just a fancy name for website written by someone really full of themselves. The advantage it does have over traditional web media, however, is that there's no intermediary between you and the editors. We're speaking directly to you, and you can speak back.


Who writes this? Why should I care about what you say?

This site is written primarily by a team of writers, along with a rotating line-up of guest editors—and the occasional intern to ensure the whisky has been properly topped off. We rely heavily on tips and suggestions from readers, though, so everybody gets to be part of the process.


And don't listen to us, we're idiots. We do make our living staying right on the hemorrhaging edge of gadgetry, though, so even if we say something totally boneheaded, we'll at least usually be the first to say it. And that's something.

Do corporations pay you to mention their products?

We never take money to act like we like something we don't (or something we do like). The only advertisements you'll see on Gizmodo are the big, gaudy banners and flash ads all over the site.

Can I send you products to review?

Um, sure, probably! We get a surprising amount of product review requests each week, so it helps to send us a short personal note letting us know why your product stands out. Also, we tend to shy away from software, in general, although we will make an exception if it's really exceptional—and can make our gadgets even more useful. (If you've got some life-enhancing software to show us, may we suggest our organizationally-obsessed sister-site Lifehacker?


I've got pictures of an unreleased gadget from my company, and I'd love to leak them. How do I get them to you without my bosses finding out? There's no way I'm getting fired, dude.

We have these, like, ethics and stuff? If you send us something and ask us to keep it quiet or protect your anonymity, of course you've got our word that we'll keep it secret. Go grab a Hotmail or Gmail account or something and send it our way. Keep in mind, of course, that usually have questions about what you sent in, so you'll want to give us a way to respond and verify what you're sending in.


But we love all that cloak and dagger stuff. It makes us feel like real journalists, and it makes for great news. And besides, you really should get back at them for shorting you on that last raise, right?

You're SO WRONG about that cellphone. I hate you.


Do you ever go outside, geek?

Occasionally, the interns will throw an afghan over our shoulders and wheel us from Wi-Fi hotspot to Wi-Fi hotspot. And once a month, we see a moving picture on the motion picture screen.


Who publishes this thing? Where the hell am I? What gives?

Gizmodo is published by Nick Denton, as part of the Gawker Media, a loose confederacy of alcoholics and egotists masquerading as real journalists.