Gizmodo-House Contest Update

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This Sharp AQUOS 20-inch flat panel TV is just waiting to be awarded to the person who builds the best gingerbread-inspired edible Gizmodo house. Trouble is, we have received just 3 entries. Now, I have no problem with those odds—but given the huge response to contests Gizmodo has run in the past for much less valuable items, I am somewhat surprised. Is there a gingerbread/graham cracker shortage I didn't hear about? Has the NYC transit strike created a problem with the frosting supply chain? Write and let us know that you still care.

The deadline is December 27!

Here's how to win: Take two photos of your creation—one of the construction process and one of the finished Gizmodo-house. Mail the photos in JPG format—72 dpi, max 500 pixels on the top side—to with SHARP HOUSE in the subject line.


Big thanks to Vikuiti, the sponsor of this contest whose technology makes the Aquos so rad.

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