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Gizmodo iPhone Hands On Part Deux: Why Isn't it White and Other Questions

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When we got our sweaty palms on the iPhone, we weren't allowed to take photos for our usual gallery. But we got a Q&A with Apple's VP of Applications, Eddie Cue, and Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller. (Otherwise known as the guy who does iSight convos with Steve-O at every Apple event.)


Here are some details that were left out of the Keynote.

The Color: The iPod isn't white for the reason that the screen's colors pop against a black background.


The OS: It isn't OS X proper, as you'd expect. And like an iPod, it won't be an open system that people can develop for. Remember, this is both an iPod and a Phone.

Music Store Access: None planned, as of yet.

Screen is the same polycarb as the iPod, with a touch element over it.

Accessories: Remember, this has an iPod dock connector, so many accessories will be fwd compat.

I didn't get a good answer on why the iPhone isn't 3G, unfortunately. I could be wrong, but I recall Phil telling me that when it hits Japan, they'll have to have to build a CDMA version.

WiFi or Cellular Data Syncing? No, only docking (This may be for iTunes only. Maybe data does sync, but I don't have any facts here.)


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