Gizmodo Theme Song Contest

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Gizmodo readers are a melodic and creative bunch, and of course, you all love the Giz. The best way to show off this deep affection and talent is to enter the Gizmodo theme song contest.


The prize? We're giving away a pair of the Audioengine A5 book-shelf speakers. These are the same excellent speakers that I reviewed , and they happen to be valued at $350.


Here's how to win em: write and produce a Gizmodo theme song. Put that thing together, make sure it is no longer than 30 seconds, save it in an MP3 format and shoot it over to with Gizmodo Theme Song in the subject line. The contest ends next Friday, November 10. If the winning entry is good enough, we may even feature it as background music in some unboxing video in the future.

All of the standard Gawker Contest Rules apply. Big thanks goes out to Audioengine for sponsoring this contest.

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Are you looking more for a jingle or something that would go to the opening creds of a TV show? Also any genre in particular? Alternative, electronic, hip-hop, oom-pa band?

This is my bag, baby. Look forward to a mountain of submissions from me.