Gizmondo's Good For SOMETHING

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The hand held gaming console Gizmondo has been in and out of the radar for a while, more popular in the UK than it is here. And back in the Mother Country, seems the GPS feature that they've been touting as the next big thing (though there doesn't seem to be any actual games that use it yet) really can be useful. Gizmondo insists that some schlub stole a Gizmondo from its store on Regent St. and was tracked down using the the included GPS and a text message (See above photo). Hmmm, sounds fishy, but whatev. If Gizmondo would go to this length for PR, I'll damn well give it to them. Now if we could only get the PSP to vibrate and scream "Help, I've been kidnapped" all would be well in the world.

Gizmondo thief caught by GPS [Stuffmag]


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